Here at Austintown Pools & Spas we carry a wide variety of accessories, covers, chemicals, heaters and pumps.
We also have vacuums, nets, poles, brushes, thermometers, testing kits and a whole lot more!



Chemicals are a very vital part of your swimming pool. Not sure what you need to help keep your pool crystal clear? Here at Austintown Pools & Spas we specialize in water treatment so whether you have an inground or an above ground pool, we can help you every step of the way to ensure your pool stays clean and clear. We carry Refresh Shock treatments, E-Z Clor chemicals such as Chlorine and Bromine tablets, Algaecide, Clarifier, Drop Out and Balancers such as pH up and down. We carry all Pool Frog products.

Pool Covers

Pool Cover

We stock winter covers, closing kits and anything you need to winterize or cover your inground or above ground swimming pool. We also stock most above ground solar covers and can get most sizes on order within a couple of days. Additionally, we also provide solar cover reels for various sizes for above ground and inground pools.

Austintown Pools & Spas also sells and installs safety covers for inground pools. Safety covers are made of solid mesh or vinyl that is pulled taut across your pool and is then secured with straps attached to anchors. Safety covers differ from traditional tarp style covers because they not only protect your pool from leaves, dirt and debris while your pool is closed, but they also prevent accidental submersion and drowning. With a Safety Cover protecting your pool, you are protecting your family, friends, neighbors and pets.

Pumps, Heaters and Filters

We carry Hayward Pool Heaters and Heat Pumps, sand filters, D.E. filters, cartridge filters and all accessories.

Solar Panel Heaters? We have those too!